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…finding what you need. Select what you think suits you best:

Downright Dedicated

No robots, we’re staffed by actual human beings. We provide superior service and support through a love of the Web hosting business, years of experience and a simple vow to put the client first. Our support staff is ready to serve your needs 24x7x365.

Remarkably Reliable

Rain, sleet, shine, dragon… we’re ready for almost anything. With redundant power, cooling and connectivity, our facility is equipped to handle almost any situation that may arise. We guarantee 100% up-time and zero packet loss internal to the G2R network. We provide these guarantees with utmost confidence, which is what makes G2R one of the most reliable Web hosts around.

Totally Tangible

Our data center is the real deal – an actual brick and mortar facility, which operates from two independent locations in Germany. This facility is the backbone of our Web hosting operations and provides a well connected, redundant, secure and temperature controlled environment for all of our equipment and our client hosted gear.

Supremely Scalable

As your business grows, your hosting should too. We specialize in Web hosting solutions from the most trivial shared site to the most complex multi-server configuration. Many of our current clients started out as small shared clients and have since grown into large dedicated, even clustered, server clients.