We help you …

…finding what you need. Select what you think suits you best:

1) What products/services are appropriate to them? List links to pages.

RootServer EX60 and  RootServer EX8S full power no sharing with the addon of managed hosting we help with what ever comes along.

2) Why are these products/services good for them?

midrange price highest performance and one server for one business no sharing webserver power with others.

and with the managed hosting bundle a tailored bundle so they wont need an own IT-Crowed.

3) What do they get (short list of most important points).

their system protected



hunting for intruders



Managed hosting (additional services)

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting offers peace of mind by proactively keeping your content management system up to date, making regular backups, monitoring intrusions and acting on alerts of suspicious behaviour of your website, say when files are added or modified.
– Hourly back-up of database
– Daily backup of files
– Website backup restoral service
– File change monitoring
– Intrusion detection
– CMS update service