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Conclusively Easy.

Level 4 offers valuable features at a fair price. Particularly interesting is the unlimited traffic usage. What’s more, with just a few clicks you can install the popular Content Management System TYPO3 or include MySQL databases. Fans of the alternative, PostgreSQL, will get their money’s worth! Additionally for a .de, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .eu, .name or .nl domain used as a main domain, the webhosting account includes five add-on domains.


  • 5 Add-on Domains
  • Unlimited traffic per month
  • 4 GB disk space for commercial or private content
  • 200 POP3/IMAP accounts for receipt of emails
  • Autoresponders (e.g. acknowledgement of receipt of email or out of office replies)
  • Up to 500 alias addresses for internal or external forwarding of email addresses
  • 30 FTP accesses
  • 400 sub-domains included
  • 10 of your own databases with MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • TYPO3 compatible
  • TYPO3 Installer
  • Free email no telephone support

Basic Features

  • 1 domain included (.de, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .eu, .name or .nl) format example: http://www.your-name.de and http://your-name.de
  • Graphical client admin interface for quick and easy configuration of the account
  • Possible to run your own PHP scripts
  • FTP and FTPS access for updating your web pages
  • WebFTP
  • Daily backup of the user accounts
  • Access to all backups via admin interface
  • DNS administration
  • Email receipt is possible with POP3 or IMAP, including SSL encryption
  • SMTP server for sending emails, including SSL encryption
  • Webmail system
  • Graphical configuration system for mailbox administration
  • Any number of email addresses via “catch all”
  • Email setup wizard
  • Configurable spam filter
  • Virus scanner for emails
  • Secure password protection of your website with .htaccess file
  • Access to daily updated log files
  • Graphical statistical evaluation of log files
  • SSI Server Side Includes
  • Sending SMS via admin interface or via PHP scripts
  • SMS notification on receipt of email


  • Placing of orders and administration: By web interface
  • Contract period: Unlimited (minimum 30 days)
  • Prepaid payment methods:
    – By debit order: Monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year (less 10%)
    – Annually per bank transfer
    – Annually by credit card
  • Invoice dispatch: By email; for invoicing by post, a flat rate of 3 £ is charged
  • Cancellation period: 30 days to month-end
only £4.90 per month
+ One-off Setup fee 4,90 £


  • Domain included 1
  • Add-on Domains 5
  • Traffic unlimited
  • Disk space 4 GB
  • Email accounts 200
  • Sub-domains 400
  • Databases 10
  • FTP access 30
We accept Visa and MasterCard
Save 10 % when paying for a year in advance via debit


Add-on Domains