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Quick self help to eliminate software problemsThe Rescue System is a minimal Linux system with the most important tools. Alternatively, the Rescue System is available for FreeBSD. It helps to eliminate software problems on your server. A faulty or ruined glibc library paralyses the entire server. In this case often only a reinstall will help. With the Rescue System your server boots in rescue mode and simply replaces the library with an older, stable version. The server is soon back online.


The Rescue System is activated in our robot for your server which gives you a generated password. Reboot the server or place a reset order with our computer centre. The server boots via the network and downloads our Rescue System. After the repair work has been carried out, reboot the server. This time it boots your normal system from the hard disk.


The system must know the MAC address (it is given with our dedicated servers). Colocation clients must disclose their MAC address and corresponding IP when the use of the Rescue System is to be activated for them.