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The new EX60 dedicated root server offers first class performance efficiency with its Intel® Core i7-920 Quadcore Processor,
48 GB DDR3 RAM and two 2 TB SATA 6Gb/s Enterprise HDDs.

Windows Linux Fedora Cent OS
Ubuntu OpenSUSE Debian FreeBSD

Basic Features

  • Free Phone Support
  • Free Email-Support
  • Data Center 24/7 Stand-by-Service
  • 440 Gbit Bandwidth
  • Redundant Network
  • Juniper Routing-Technology
  • 100 % switched network; no collision domains
  • High Speed Access to all Internet-Uplinks
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Network Availability min. 99%

Optional Features


  • No minimum contract period
  • Optional advance payment by debit order
  • Cancellation period: 30 day to month-end
  • Individual payment options for Authorities and Public Services on request
*There are no charges for overage. We will permanently restrict the connection speed if more than 20 TB/month are used (the basis for calculation is for outgoing traffic only. Incoming and internal traffic is not calculated). Optionally, the limit can be permanently cancelled by committing to pay 1,99 £ (incl. VAT) per additional TB used. Please see here for information on how to proceed.
only £69 per month

No Setup Fee



Intel® Core™ i7-920
incl. Hyper-Threading Technology

  • RAM 48 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Hard Drive 2 x 2 TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 rpm
    HDD (Software-RAID 1)
    Class Enterprise
  • Connection 1 Gbit/s-Port
  • Guaranteed Bandwidth 200 Mbit/s
  • Backup Space 100 GB
  • Inclusive Traffic 20 TB*
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